Thursday, March 8, 2012

Graduation Gift

well i am on a roll this week binding and piecing and sewing away...ahhh i love the sound of my machine whirring i put this top together for my sisters graduation, how is it possible that she is almost out of high school,  i still remember the days when i was 16 and she was a toddler running around with her little mischevious smile...well she still has that mischevious smile but has grown into a beautiful young lady.  So this will be for her graduation,  i so would like to go to it but i am not sure if life will allow us as we will be moving this summer and my husband will be having a retirement ceremony the same month.  This is a fairly simple quilt and i just did it in sections and it came together really fast,  the beauty of this quilt will be the quilting that will have scripture and many biblical references  I cant wait to gift it to her.  And if you dont like to pin your work then this is not the quilt for you it def requires lots of pinning....and i have to say alot of times i dont pin and sometimes you can get away with it but not on this one so be warned hehe

Monday, March 5, 2012

Pink and brown baby quilt

I dont know what my deal is since i have been back from california but i have been running non stop and  havent had a chance to sit down and do anything.  I get up every morning and I think about what project i will work on and then before you know it I am running kids here getting groceries and doing laundry,  but i think i am finally caught up and now can get back into the groove of things and work on projects.  A few weeks ago i made this darling baby quilt for a friends baby and sent it off to my long armer you can find her here herwork is amazing and i never have to worry that i will have a fabulous work of art when my quilt comes home.  So i sent her the baby quilt and gave her creative freedom,  because well thats what she does best.  Well it came home on friday and I finished up the binding,  back is minkie and super soft  but wow oh wow was if ever heavy on my lap.

it turned out beautiful and I cant wait to give it to my friend,  well now i am off to work on a project.