Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hawaiian Heritage

I was born in Hawaii and lived there until i was 12.  My father is a native Hawaiian and I grew up learning about many of the foods and culture of native Hawaii.  I have always loved the hawaiin quilts and have plans to make one for my bed but before i made one for the bed i wanted to try a small sample so here is what i came up with.  The pattern is hawaiian breadfruit,  i quilted 1/2 spacing
Blessings Tisha

Friday, October 12, 2012

Lost in confusion!!!

Well i have been mia for awhile now and I have much to update.  Somehow in all of the confusion of my husband retiring and us moving to Florida my blogging life just got lost...not to mention my laptop mistakenly got let in alabama at our friends house and wasnt able to get it back until we went and picked up our dogs 2 weeks i think the confusion is finally starting to slow down and life is mellowing out!!! Ha if thats even possible with a family of 8 and 2 dogs and a cat!!! So i will be back to posting regular post and pictures    

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Firemans t-shirt quilt

This quilt was a trade with a friend who just happens to be a amazing photographer you can see her work here ,  she took pictures of my twins and also will be taking family pictures soon for us.
I feel very honored to work on this quilt,  i mean this isnt just fabric that i can replace.  Its Claire's husbands shirts and if something went wrong i could never replace them.  I enjoy t shirt quilts just for the simple fact that it makes you think about person who wore the shirts and the job they do,  how many times has her husband saved a life,  it made me think about the job firefighters have to do and also what Claire has to go through as her husband works several days in a row without coming home,  as a military wife i can relate.   t shirt quilts hold someones blood sweat and tears.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Good Fortune

Another top has mad its way out of my to do pile and is now completed.  This fabric is from the Good Fortune line from moda ,  i just love the bright colors against the crisp white.  All this fabric was sitting in my studio and i was supposed to be packing this week but thursday morning i decided I just had to put this quilt together. I started this quilt thursday morning and finished it friday afternoon,  i would of had it done friday morning but well lets just say i cant talk on the phone and sew, kind of like walking and chewing gum.  I ended up sewing the same block on wrong 3 dang times ugh. Oh well that happens and its all fixed now.  This quilt top is being sent off to Charisma  well actually her son Bryce is going to quilt it to me,  he does a fabulous job with the design i want on this quilt.  Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed weekend and a happy fathers day
blessings Tisha

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pumpkin pie anyone??

I finished up my pumpkin pie quilt,  yay i am so happy with how it turned out and am excited to send it off to Charisma  I know she will do something fabulous with it.  The pattern came from  one of my favorite designers.  This quilt just reminds me so much of fall and crisp leaves,  hot apple cider,  thanksgivng,  it brings up fond memories of childhood and laughing with my siblings.  Isnt it funny how a simple whimsical quilt can bring up such memories,   I can even smell the warm pumpkin pie fresh out of the oven thanksgiving morning.  I will be sending this quilt off this week and when it returns home we will be in a new house.  All needle turn applique and hand embroidery
Thanks for stopping by enjoy

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Where have I been????

Where have I been these last few months....well I like to tell my kids that I am going crazy when they ask where I have been.  So that's where I have been, to crazy !!! I haven't made it back yet.  My husband had surgery and well like most men was a big old baby and I had to wait on him hand and foot.  We are getting ready to move in just a few short weeks and my husband wants to move ourselves.  I can't say I am overjoyed about that,  I would much rather the movers come and deal with it.  Oh and in 2 weeks my husband is having his retirement ceremony,  and we have family coming from all over.  I stress about the house being tip top shape when we have visitors but it just isn't happening this time. Well with all that has been going on I did manage to fit quilting in.  I finished a rag quilt for a customer with all Amy butler's divine!!! Finished a scrappy quilt for Charisma,  worked on some applique,  finished a king size for my neighbor,  finished the cross quilt for a gift...oh did I mention I did some applique? I love love love bunnyhill patterns so that's what I am working on.  Well with out further ado here are
Blessings Tisha

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Graduation Gift

well i am on a roll this week binding and piecing and sewing away...ahhh i love the sound of my machine whirring i put this top together for my sisters graduation, how is it possible that she is almost out of high school,  i still remember the days when i was 16 and she was a toddler running around with her little mischevious smile...well she still has that mischevious smile but has grown into a beautiful young lady.  So this will be for her graduation,  i so would like to go to it but i am not sure if life will allow us as we will be moving this summer and my husband will be having a retirement ceremony the same month.  This is a fairly simple quilt and i just did it in sections and it came together really fast,  the beauty of this quilt will be the quilting that will have scripture and many biblical references  I cant wait to gift it to her.  And if you dont like to pin your work then this is not the quilt for you it def requires lots of pinning....and i have to say alot of times i dont pin and sometimes you can get away with it but not on this one so be warned hehe

Monday, March 5, 2012

Pink and brown baby quilt

I dont know what my deal is since i have been back from california but i have been running non stop and  havent had a chance to sit down and do anything.  I get up every morning and I think about what project i will work on and then before you know it I am running kids here getting groceries and doing laundry,  but i think i am finally caught up and now can get back into the groove of things and work on projects.  A few weeks ago i made this darling baby quilt for a friends baby and sent it off to my long armer you can find her here herwork is amazing and i never have to worry that i will have a fabulous work of art when my quilt comes home.  So i sent her the baby quilt and gave her creative freedom,  because well thats what she does best.  Well it came home on friday and I finished up the binding,  back is minkie and super soft  but wow oh wow was if ever heavy on my lap.

it turned out beautiful and I cant wait to give it to my friend,  well now i am off to work on a project.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Time Away

Well how did it happen?  Feb.  is almost over and i have hardly worked on any sewing projects at all. Where does the time go.  Well my time for the past 10 days has been in california,  i went to visit my best friend and we had a wonderful visit together,  i also got to visit with two of my brothers and also my beautiful nieces.
So no sewing pictures today but i will share some of the pictures from my trip,  i do have to say it was really strange to not do any quilting or sewing the whole vacation.  I found myself alot of times thinking about what project i would work on when i got home,  and i have been home for 3 days now and have i touched anything sewing wise,  nope nothing, nada,  but i am hoping to change that today.

thanks for stopping by and i hope you will stop back soon

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Getting Caught up

Well i havent been able to blog in weeks thanks to my children....they came home from school one day with a new website with games they wanted to play on...ok sure they can play that because it was educational.  Well i got them all set up and then went about my forward to the next morning when they went merily off to school.  I couldnt do anything on my laptop,  everytime i hit enter all kinds of windows would open.  It was driving me nuts,  so i finally got my husband to fix it,  he kept saying he would get to it and before you know it he forgot again,  we have a crazy hectic life and if i dont stay ontop of him well it gets forgotten.  Lessong learned from not let 6 young children hover around your laptop and not stay right there or else something gets messed up.  So now i am back to blogging,  i have been busy sewing and will get some things posted this week.
For now here are 2 pictures from my cell phone.
This one is my first block for my Swoon quilt

And this darling baby quilt for a friends baby,  all with moda's lilly will line....i know its not the best picture but i was in a hurry this morning.

I am sending this off today to my fabulous long armer stop by her website and check out all the beautiful quilts,  her work is amazing.  

Well thats all for today,  its a relief to be back to blogging but i need to get off here and get things done before i go for my hair appt.  I am so excited to go get my hair done,  its been far to long,  it seems like i never take time for myself because i am always running kids somewhere or making something for them and there just never seems to be a 3 hour window of time for me to go and get my hair done but its long overdue  and I know i will feel so much better about myself after i get it done.

have a blessed day

Friday, January 27, 2012

Hearts and Butterflies and a sneak peek

I recently posted the table runner I made for a swap I joined and I sent the runner out and also got mine in the mail,  its so pretty and perfect for my coffee table.  It covers up all the dings and dents that the boys have put in our coffee table with matchbox cars.  I love the butterflies and  hearts so cute,  Emma loves to sit and touch all the flowers and butterflies,  she is such a girly girl.  I cant believe January is almost over,  where or where has the time gone,  5 months to go until we will thats going to be a chore moving 8 people.  Until then i will continue to sew and work on things I started last year. Well on to the pictures.

I also pieced a little quilt for my son this weekend using Moda's reunion collection,  I just love the bright fresh modern feel of it.  I am working on the applique now so be sure to check back to see how it turned out.  

Well thats all for today,  I have to get back to my crazy life and somehow find some time in there to work on projects

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dear Jane Madness

Well i have been a busy little quilter these past few days...I started my dear Jane quilt last year in April and i set a goal for myself to get it completed in one years time.  I worked on these little blocks all the time, every day i would make a few.  Well had to set it aside during the holidays and now i have it back out and working on it again.  So i made 17 blocks in the past 4 days..I must be nuts.  These blocks are little they finish at 4.5 inches and yet they take so long to make.  Some of them go together really quickly but others take forever.  I have just over 100 complete but yet this quilt still feels like its the never ending quilt...its taking forever and feels like I am never making any progress.  So here are the blocks i made these past few days,  minus 3 that i completed after I took this picture

Friday, January 20, 2012

Country Cottages

One of my favorite places to shop online for fabric is Shabby Fabrics...i love everything over there.  They also have a wonderful blog and they are having a mystery quilt called Country Cottages its a free downloadable...every month will be a new block and i think they come out around the 5th of each can find all the info here
So I find lost of great patterns and projects online that i always save to my computer and then i forget about them and usually never get back to them...well this time i decided i am going to print each block when it comes out and get it done that i printed January's block and decided this morning i was going to make it so i can have that one out of the way.  I am also on a goal this year to try and use mostly stash or promises that a visit to the quilt store wont happen but i am trying to pull from what i already have then when i use it up i can buy more.
So here is January's block with its cute little snowman...i have a little bit more embroidery to do and i also will have to add buttons on the snowman and the door but i cant add those till after its quilted.

i also finished up month 1 of my cotton quilt club ...these little blocks drove me batty but they are done...they measure 5.5 inches and oh so cute...i love the rich reds and browns.

so there you have it thats what i did with my friday  mixed in with laundry and chasing after the twins and picking up after the kids and making food for the kids....its a wonder i ever get anything done but somehow i find time to do what i love.