Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dear Jane Madness

Well i have been a busy little quilter these past few days...I started my dear Jane quilt last year in April and i set a goal for myself to get it completed in one years time.  I worked on these little blocks all the time, every day i would make a few.  Well had to set it aside during the holidays and now i have it back out and working on it again.  So i made 17 blocks in the past 4 days..I must be nuts.  These blocks are little they finish at 4.5 inches and yet they take so long to make.  Some of them go together really quickly but others take forever.  I have just over 100 complete but yet this quilt still feels like its the never ending quilt...its taking forever and feels like I am never making any progress.  So here are the blocks i made these past few days,  minus 3 that i completed after I took this picture