Thursday, January 19, 2012

All in a mornings work

So let me first start by telling you about one of my favorite blogs i like to visit.  i go to Jo's blog almost every day ,  i love all her post,  she has great information on quilting and cooking and just everyday life.  She also has great giveaways and great quilt alongs. She is hosting one right now that just started this month you can go here to find all the information and where to buy the pattern.

So this morning i decided i would make my January block for this quilt square quilt along.  Yay me i got something done ahead of schedule.  One of the things i struggle with as a quilter is scrappy quilts...i def am not one of those ones who can pull the scrap bin out and make something fabulous.  I worry about the fabric placement to much.  I tend to do controlled scrappy then true scrappy.  Well i have to say i am pretty darn proud of my self today,  i only pulled stuff for this block from my scrap bin,  usually its some scraps and some stuff from my stash thus i create more scraps.  I know this isnt a big deal but i am proud of me that i used up some scraps and didnt create anymore.

i cut out all my pieces and laid out the block how i wanted it and here is what i had

then i did some piecing and ironing to get this

so here is the finished block and i am quite happy with it
and here is the back of the block i just love how it looks like a stained glass window

It took me about a hour total with cutting and piecing and now i cant wait to find out what the Feb.  block is going to be.
here is what the pattern looks like if anyone is interested

well thanks for stopping by my blog and happy quilting


  1. Oh I really like the picture of the block held up to the window, very pretty! :)

  2. I think your square looks beautiful! You did a great scrappy little log cabin. I struggle with scrappy too! Btw, I love your Dear Jane blocks!

  3. What a great scrappy did a great job!

  4. You got it to work...GREAT!! I love the photo when you can see the sunlight coming through. Great block!!

  5. thanks for sharing your block as it was in progress. Very pretty.