Friday, January 20, 2012

Country Cottages

One of my favorite places to shop online for fabric is Shabby Fabrics...i love everything over there.  They also have a wonderful blog and they are having a mystery quilt called Country Cottages its a free downloadable...every month will be a new block and i think they come out around the 5th of each can find all the info here
So I find lost of great patterns and projects online that i always save to my computer and then i forget about them and usually never get back to them...well this time i decided i am going to print each block when it comes out and get it done that i printed January's block and decided this morning i was going to make it so i can have that one out of the way.  I am also on a goal this year to try and use mostly stash or promises that a visit to the quilt store wont happen but i am trying to pull from what i already have then when i use it up i can buy more.
So here is January's block with its cute little snowman...i have a little bit more embroidery to do and i also will have to add buttons on the snowman and the door but i cant add those till after its quilted.

i also finished up month 1 of my cotton quilt club ...these little blocks drove me batty but they are done...they measure 5.5 inches and oh so cute...i love the rich reds and browns.

so there you have it thats what i did with my friday  mixed in with laundry and chasing after the twins and picking up after the kids and making food for the kids....its a wonder i ever get anything done but somehow i find time to do what i love.