Friday, February 8, 2013

Hst madness

All day yesterday I made half square triangles,  red and neutral hst....I think I am seeing these in my sleep now. Just how many did I make 600!!!!! Yep you read that correctly 600 2 inch little red and white hst. This scrappy quilt is definitely testing my patience in cutting and pressing....I feel like that's all I have done, cut press cut again and then when you think your done cut some more. I am very excited to put this together though as I am seeing the blocks come together.
Until next time

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Here is what I am working with today! !!! Neutral strings all different sizes. My goal this year is to use stash and as a result I am making lots of scrappy quilts.  This is actually quite freeing for me as I tend to make what I call controlled scrappy I fuss and fret and certain fabrics touching.  Well I am just giving up with this latest scrappy,  whatever I pull out of the bin goes in that block.   Check back soon to see my scrappy all put together I am really loving how its turning out and it feels great to know I didn't purchase a single piece of fabric its all from my stash

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Jingle BOM

I am so excited to join this BOM this year you can find all the blocks as she post them over here and there is also a flikr group.  I wanted to make mine the same as her colors so i dug in my stash of fabric and found the colors i wanted and off i went with block number 1...its complete and ahead of schedule,  lets hope i can keep it that way and not putter off and not end up with a completed top at the right time.
Enjoy the pictures