About Me

Well how about a little about me.  I am just a simple girl with big town dreams, though i really dont want to live in a big town.  I grew up in a family of 11 children and it was fun and crazy but i wouldnt change it for anything, I always have a friend to talk to with my siblings. 
I have been quilting since i was 16,  I used to go to this lady's home and she had a quilt store in one of her rooms...ahhh how fun would that be to have.  Well thats where i learned alot about quilting.  Since then i have learned alot and branched out with my skills,  I laugh now looking back on some of my first projects.  I have never gone to a quilt class, i am mainly self taught or learn by watching others.  
I have been a military wife for the past 14 years and wow has it ever gone by fast.  We have 6 beautiful children and while life gets wild and crazy at times its a very rewarding lift.  Our ltast pregnancy God blessed us with twins,  what a surprise that was,  but they are a blast and are 3 years old and getting into everything.  We have a teenager and a a few pre teens and some toddlers so we have a range of happenings going on in our home.  Somehow i still find time quilt and do the things i like,  i also love to scrapbook...truth be told its alot like quilting if you ask me,  cutting things up and putting them back together.  
Well there is a little about me and about our crazy life and family.

John 1:16
From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another.

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