Friday, January 27, 2012

Hearts and Butterflies and a sneak peek

I recently posted the table runner I made for a swap I joined and I sent the runner out and also got mine in the mail,  its so pretty and perfect for my coffee table.  It covers up all the dings and dents that the boys have put in our coffee table with matchbox cars.  I love the butterflies and  hearts so cute,  Emma loves to sit and touch all the flowers and butterflies,  she is such a girly girl.  I cant believe January is almost over,  where or where has the time gone,  5 months to go until we will thats going to be a chore moving 8 people.  Until then i will continue to sew and work on things I started last year. Well on to the pictures.

I also pieced a little quilt for my son this weekend using Moda's reunion collection,  I just love the bright fresh modern feel of it.  I am working on the applique now so be sure to check back to see how it turned out.  

Well thats all for today,  I have to get back to my crazy life and somehow find some time in there to work on projects

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dear Jane Madness

Well i have been a busy little quilter these past few days...I started my dear Jane quilt last year in April and i set a goal for myself to get it completed in one years time.  I worked on these little blocks all the time, every day i would make a few.  Well had to set it aside during the holidays and now i have it back out and working on it again.  So i made 17 blocks in the past 4 days..I must be nuts.  These blocks are little they finish at 4.5 inches and yet they take so long to make.  Some of them go together really quickly but others take forever.  I have just over 100 complete but yet this quilt still feels like its the never ending quilt...its taking forever and feels like I am never making any progress.  So here are the blocks i made these past few days,  minus 3 that i completed after I took this picture

Friday, January 20, 2012

Country Cottages

One of my favorite places to shop online for fabric is Shabby Fabrics...i love everything over there.  They also have a wonderful blog and they are having a mystery quilt called Country Cottages its a free downloadable...every month will be a new block and i think they come out around the 5th of each can find all the info here
So I find lost of great patterns and projects online that i always save to my computer and then i forget about them and usually never get back to them...well this time i decided i am going to print each block when it comes out and get it done that i printed January's block and decided this morning i was going to make it so i can have that one out of the way.  I am also on a goal this year to try and use mostly stash or promises that a visit to the quilt store wont happen but i am trying to pull from what i already have then when i use it up i can buy more.
So here is January's block with its cute little snowman...i have a little bit more embroidery to do and i also will have to add buttons on the snowman and the door but i cant add those till after its quilted.

i also finished up month 1 of my cotton quilt club ...these little blocks drove me batty but they are done...they measure 5.5 inches and oh so cute...i love the rich reds and browns.

so there you have it thats what i did with my friday  mixed in with laundry and chasing after the twins and picking up after the kids and making food for the kids....its a wonder i ever get anything done but somehow i find time to do what i love.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

All in a mornings work

So let me first start by telling you about one of my favorite blogs i like to visit.  i go to Jo's blog almost every day ,  i love all her post,  she has great information on quilting and cooking and just everyday life.  She also has great giveaways and great quilt alongs. She is hosting one right now that just started this month you can go here to find all the information and where to buy the pattern.

So this morning i decided i would make my January block for this quilt square quilt along.  Yay me i got something done ahead of schedule.  One of the things i struggle with as a quilter is scrappy quilts...i def am not one of those ones who can pull the scrap bin out and make something fabulous.  I worry about the fabric placement to much.  I tend to do controlled scrappy then true scrappy.  Well i have to say i am pretty darn proud of my self today,  i only pulled stuff for this block from my scrap bin,  usually its some scraps and some stuff from my stash thus i create more scraps.  I know this isnt a big deal but i am proud of me that i used up some scraps and didnt create anymore.

i cut out all my pieces and laid out the block how i wanted it and here is what i had

then i did some piecing and ironing to get this

so here is the finished block and i am quite happy with it
and here is the back of the block i just love how it looks like a stained glass window

It took me about a hour total with cutting and piecing and now i cant wait to find out what the Feb.  block is going to be.
here is what the pattern looks like if anyone is interested

well thanks for stopping by my blog and happy quilting

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Design Wall

Thought i would share whats on my design wall.  I have these little basket blocks that i just love...they are on my design wall until i have more then will fit on it and then i will have to take them down.  I saw a antique quilt that i feel in love with and i thought it would be nice to make it,  i drew the basket template and am needle turning them onto a 6 inch square.  I only make a few blocks a week just something to do when I am not working on anything else or if I am just in the mood to do some needle turn.  I really really love needle turn applique,  i know some people dont like it but it really is my passion and i love the way it looks,  for some reason i just dont like fusible appliqe.  I guess i like to do things the hard way.  So there you have it thats whats on my design wall and what i will work on when we move when all our stuff gets packed up..A girl still has to work on something right?
Well thats all for today hope you stop back again to see some of my other projects
Happy quilting

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A finish and a gift

This weekend has been a bit hectic and disorganized...we decided it would be a great idea to clean our bedroom and well at least in this house it usually means making it way more messy before it gets better...i have loaded tons of bags of trash, mainly school papers and empty boxes from cell phones and such...why oh why do we save those...we never use them so off they go to the trash.  We also loaded bags of stuff to go to goodwill...i am happy to say i finally got my husband to part with some of the clothes he had from before we were married,  we are talking about clothes from his early 20's yeah we so dont need those anymore and i think he didnt want to admit that they just dont work for him anymore.  Now i just have to manage to get them to the goodwill before he digs through the bags and gets them back out.
I was given some fabric from a friend and also my mother in law i always love gifts of fabric  now to find the perfect project for them.
i am not sure what i will do with these charm packs but my initial thoughts are flying geese....we shall see.  either way i love them.

the fruit bundle was from my mother in law for christmas i am thinking most likely a i spy table topper for my kitchen table.
I finally finished my valentines runner and i am so very happy how it turned out.  It will be going out on Tuesday to its new owner but for a few days i can still enjoy it.  It was so fun to make and relaxing to handquilt.

thanks for stopping by and happy quilting

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Handquilting and a quilt along

So my table runner has come along fast and i am nearly complete with it.  I decided to handquilt it with a beautiful YLI verigated thread called mango...its shades of pink and yellow...its divine.  I just echoed around all the blades and a small heart in the middle of all the blades then in the border i am quilting a feather...with hearts in 4 spots.  I find handquilting so relaxing and i love the look of it.  It gives me the freedom to be able to sit with my family or my husband in the evenings yet still be working on something...i cant say that happens all the times bc sometimes i just want to be at my machine piecing away.

The idea for this runner came from one of my favorite blogs
i feel in love with that quilt and for christmas i got all the fabirc to make myself this quilt...i chose teal and yellow and brown in several shades....i have to say i am totally in love with it and cant wait to make more of them.  here are some of my blocks for the quilt along...she suggest 1.5 blocks a week but last week i made 6 and the pink ones so i think i can catch up pretty fast.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


So I made progress on my runner and I really love how its turning out.  All I want to do is sit and work on it but alas I have a large family that needs my attention and food on the table so therefore I havent been able to work on it much.  But progress is better then nothing I say.
Have a blessed weekend

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New year resolution

So last year i had good intentions of getting my blog off and running but it just didnt my resolution this year is to be more active on my blog ,  i dont have alot of quilting friends around here but i do so love to share my craft with others and especially those who also share my passion.  i also want to post updates on quilts in am working on so i can keep myself on target.
Last year i finished 17 quilts and a few little projects like mug rugs and i am pretty darn proud of myself.  I also entered quilts in the fair for the first time and i am so proud to say i won 2 second place ribbons a third place ribbon and a best of fair first place ribbon for applique....after all applique is my true passion...i just love anything applique  it draws me in like no other quilts.
Here is the project i am currently working on,  its for a swap and i do hope she loves it.

i love the way its turning out and there are a few more blocks to go with will be a table runner.  i am also working on this same block in another color way which i will post tommrow
have a wonderful day and happy quilting