Saturday, January 14, 2012

A finish and a gift

This weekend has been a bit hectic and disorganized...we decided it would be a great idea to clean our bedroom and well at least in this house it usually means making it way more messy before it gets better...i have loaded tons of bags of trash, mainly school papers and empty boxes from cell phones and such...why oh why do we save those...we never use them so off they go to the trash.  We also loaded bags of stuff to go to goodwill...i am happy to say i finally got my husband to part with some of the clothes he had from before we were married,  we are talking about clothes from his early 20's yeah we so dont need those anymore and i think he didnt want to admit that they just dont work for him anymore.  Now i just have to manage to get them to the goodwill before he digs through the bags and gets them back out.
I was given some fabric from a friend and also my mother in law i always love gifts of fabric  now to find the perfect project for them.
i am not sure what i will do with these charm packs but my initial thoughts are flying geese....we shall see.  either way i love them.

the fruit bundle was from my mother in law for christmas i am thinking most likely a i spy table topper for my kitchen table.
I finally finished my valentines runner and i am so very happy how it turned out.  It will be going out on Tuesday to its new owner but for a few days i can still enjoy it.  It was so fun to make and relaxing to handquilt.

thanks for stopping by and happy quilting


  1. WOW Trisha! I am very impressed!! Thank you so much! God bless.

  2. That is really pretty! And I love the feather quilting!