Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Getting Caught up

Well i havent been able to blog in weeks thanks to my children....they came home from school one day with a new website with games they wanted to play on...ok sure they can play that because it was educational.  Well i got them all set up and then went about my forward to the next morning when they went merily off to school.  I couldnt do anything on my laptop,  everytime i hit enter all kinds of windows would open.  It was driving me nuts,  so i finally got my husband to fix it,  he kept saying he would get to it and before you know it he forgot again,  we have a crazy hectic life and if i dont stay ontop of him well it gets forgotten.  Lessong learned from not let 6 young children hover around your laptop and not stay right there or else something gets messed up.  So now i am back to blogging,  i have been busy sewing and will get some things posted this week.
For now here are 2 pictures from my cell phone.
This one is my first block for my Swoon quilt

And this darling baby quilt for a friends baby,  all with moda's lilly will line....i know its not the best picture but i was in a hurry this morning.

I am sending this off today to my fabulous long armer stop by her website and check out all the beautiful quilts,  her work is amazing.  

Well thats all for today,  its a relief to be back to blogging but i need to get off here and get things done before i go for my hair appt.  I am so excited to go get my hair done,  its been far to long,  it seems like i never take time for myself because i am always running kids somewhere or making something for them and there just never seems to be a 3 hour window of time for me to go and get my hair done but its long overdue  and I know i will feel so much better about myself after i get it done.

have a blessed day

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  1. AWE! That's so sweet of you to mention me! Love your swoon block! That is Kitty Yoshida fabric..I noticed it right away! LOL And I love the baby cute!