Sunday, June 17, 2012

Firemans t-shirt quilt

This quilt was a trade with a friend who just happens to be a amazing photographer you can see her work here ,  she took pictures of my twins and also will be taking family pictures soon for us.
I feel very honored to work on this quilt,  i mean this isnt just fabric that i can replace.  Its Claire's husbands shirts and if something went wrong i could never replace them.  I enjoy t shirt quilts just for the simple fact that it makes you think about person who wore the shirts and the job they do,  how many times has her husband saved a life,  it made me think about the job firefighters have to do and also what Claire has to go through as her husband works several days in a row without coming home,  as a military wife i can relate.   t shirt quilts hold someones blood sweat and tears.

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