Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Where have I been????

Where have I been these last few months....well I like to tell my kids that I am going crazy when they ask where I have been.  So that's where I have been, to crazy !!! I haven't made it back yet.  My husband had surgery and well like most men was a big old baby and I had to wait on him hand and foot.  We are getting ready to move in just a few short weeks and my husband wants to move ourselves.  I can't say I am overjoyed about that,  I would much rather the movers come and deal with it.  Oh and in 2 weeks my husband is having his retirement ceremony,  and we have family coming from all over.  I stress about the house being tip top shape when we have visitors but it just isn't happening this time. Well with all that has been going on I did manage to fit quilting in.  I finished a rag quilt for a customer with all Amy butler's divine!!! Finished a scrappy quilt for Charisma,  worked on some applique,  finished a king size for my neighbor,  finished the cross quilt for a gift...oh did I mention I did some applique? I love love love bunnyhill patterns so that's what I am working on.  Well with out further ado here are
Blessings Tisha

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