Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fresh Start

New year, new me!!! well thats the plan.  Ever since we moved here to Florida i have just been in a rutt,  I lost my creative juices and just didnt want to do anything.  Well i actually looked at tons of pictures on pinterest and blogs and they were all awesome but nothing seemed to get me out of the rutt.  One day i just decided i had put stuff off for way to long and i just pulled out a project and started working on it,  until it was completed and thats what i took.  I finished a bunny hill applique top called vintage christmas and I got that spark back that euphoria of putting a piece of work together.  So this year my goal is to use more stash and finish up all the ufo's i have sitting around.  I already finished a handquilted lap quilt that just needed the biniding put on...its a christmas lap quilt so i finished it after christmas but hey at least its all ready for next year...i am ahead of the game for next year is how i choose to look at it.
I will be regularly posting again on my blog and posting pictures of my completed works or works in progress.
Happy new year ( a little late) and here is to new beginings

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