Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor day fun....

Well usually every Labor Day we have a big cook out and have people over,  well this year since my hushand isnt here i am just not going to do all that by myself. So i decided i am going to have my own party....a sewing party.  I am going to sew all weekend how fun is that?  I have some christmas charm packs that are just sitting here at they keep telling me to make something with them so thats what i will be doing,  be sure to stop back later this weekend to see pictures of what i am making.
Hope each and every one of you have a blessed Labor Day weekend
Blessings Tisha

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  1. Just bookmarked your blog so I can visit often. Looking forward to seeing your finished projects from your Christmas charm packs.....have fun sewing this weekend. Good for you! Absolutely love your Oasis Chain, great job. I met Jo from Jo's Country Junction at a Bonnie Hunter's class. Jo is amazing with her quilts. My niece's husband was just deployed to Kuwait, first time, they just had their first baby 2 weeks before he left. My heartfelt thoughts go out to you and your family. Enjoy your quilting world. Jill